The Proscenium name comes from gr. proscenion and means place before the stage. In the ancient theater at this space were played the main parts of the performance. In the Rome theater proscenion was associated with the seats for the high social class. From the IV century BC proscenion is the place where world of art joins with normal life. It is a kind of magic gate throughout we go in search of beauty and sensitivity which are hardly to find at the turmoil of the normal life.

Performance creator disposed of actor gesture, voice and dress in the past. The modern means of expressions are more abundant. This is caused by dynamic development of multimedia technique. The huge LED screens, LED stage designs, smart lights, lasers and digital sounds are common for the modern events or performances. The organizers have a huge problem now, they have to choose the most suitable multimedia with will be perfect to their event conception. Changes in this area occur very quickly. The new technologies and new ideas of using the old one still appear on the market. Modern computers with the advanced software enable to charm out the miracles on the huge elements of the active stage design.

Proscenium always offers the high technologies. In 1996 as the first company we held out the LCD projectors as a part of events and TV programs setting. In 1998 only Proscenium has the highest portable screen (dimensions 10,5x8 m.). We early used digital video mixers, video amplifiers, transcalors, plasma monitors, holoscreens and many other equipment that are something ordinary today.

Proscenium supports the outstanding and creative artists. We have the largest equipment and technology resources on the Polish market. Our company owns the high multimedia solutions. Proscenium characterized the high experience and qualifications, our technicians are the real professionalists. There is nothing impossible for us!! We are innovative, versatile, punctual and reliable. We are the best!

Proscenium - your way to great event!!


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