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Proscenium has the own tele infrastructure which allows to provide advantage services. Our servers are located in the Lim +42 centrum which is the main point of contact for all tele informatics networks. They have the optic fiber output to the European telecommunications node in Frankfurt. Proscenium has got the platform which can operate voice transmition in the SIP standard and video transmition in the modern codes streaming. We are still working on WiMAX and LMDS radio-transport network, which allows rapid data transfer. Frame of the radio network are section and omnidirectional antennas located in the highest buildings. To this network we are able to connect companies interested in our services.

We provide the specialized services connected with special events:

  • Ethernet transmission

    The image and voice transsmition by local network.
  • Micro-wave transmission

    The image and voice transmition by one compiled microwave link, point to point.  
  • Satellite transmission

    The image and voice transsmition by one compiled satellite links. This service consists in SNG station installation in the place from which the transmission will take place.

     The satellite transmission service allows to realize such undertaking as videoconference, distance training and telemost eg. between company` s departments or parallel events.


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